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Our Story Liesse

Who we are

Luxurious. Exceptional. Satisfying.Lee-Yes

You may have known us before as Galerie au Chocolat, a Canadian chocolatier that delighted North American customers with ultra-premium chocolate confections. We have always strived to create an indulgent chocolate experience for our customers using the highest quality ingredients and relying on artisanal chocolate making processes.

We have been producing several healthier, more natural chocolate collections that have been growing over the last few years and building on their success, we have decided to expand to a better for you chocolate brand under a new name: Liesse Chocolatier.

sweet flavor

LIESSE (pronounced Lee-Yes): French for joy, bliss, delight.Lee Yes

Pulling from the Montreal, QC culture where we are located, Liesse is an old French term that means joy, bliss, delight.

Natural ingredients

What does better-for-you chocolate mean?Purest

We want to offer our customers a healthier alternative to eating chocolate while enjoying the rich taste chocolate offers. Forget the never-ending, too-complicated list of ingredients where you cannot understand a thing! Forget the chocolate sweetened with sugar and fattened with oils! Taste an exquisite chocolate at its purest; a chocolate that is better for you.

We only use the best quality, ethically sourced, natural ingredients from around the world to create an exceptional chocolate experience. However, even if some ingredients come from Europe, we source as much as possible from North America for we are committed to producing a chocolate that will take your health and the environment’s health into consideration.

Our chocolates are all-natural, crafted in small batches, non-GMO, made in a peanut-free and Kosher facility.

Our current certifications

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